We have always been fascinated with story. Whether it is a good book, movie or just a family member recounting a funny or interesting occurrence in their past, we continued to be captured by even the smallest details.

This is what we love about photography and film…the chance to document a particular story in the lives of others. Of course, you always hope those events – for the sake of the client – will be free from drunken dancing, awkward karaoke and shameless displays by a crazy uncle, but ultimately, every moment just makes for better photos/videos.

So, don’t avoid sending that wedding invite to Crazy Uncle Barry. He might just create an amazing story for you in the future. Either way, we look forward to capturing your day and all the amazing moments it will bring.

Rebecca Chesney

Lead Photographer

Fun Fact: I ran a marathon and lived to tell about it!! lol

Favorite Quote: "Fear is the lie that God's love ends." - Ann Voskamp

Favorite Travel Destination: Banff, Canada

Bucket List Item: Run a marathon in another country.

What Makes Me Laugh? I love physical comedy or when things go wrong for well-meaning people. Think I Love Lucy and Meet the Parents.

Tim Chesney

Videographer/2nd Shooter

Fun Fact: I love baking and prefer kitchen utensils as gifts over pretty much anything.

Favorite Quote: "Unfortunately for Britta, and millions of photographers like her, just because something is in black and white, doesn't mean it's good." - Community Pillows and Blankets

Favorite Show: The Office

Favorite Childhood Toy: Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe

Bucket List Item: Fly First Class overseas...so I can sleep on a flight for once